Architectural Masonry and Restoration

Gary Coates Master Mason, is a third generation stone mason and has spent his life restoring historic buildings and carving stone. Gary has worked as main contractor on many Churches, Cathedrals and Castles also with the National Trust as an approved skilled mason for 20 yrs.
Gary has a clear understanding of compatible historic mortars. And is a recognised lime putty manufacturer and as an expert in his field by English Heritage and S.P.A.B.
All architectural stone work catered for on his own premises or on site.
Gary is teaching stone carving and the skills of the mason for beginners, sculptors. Please ask for a list of courses running as these vary according to season and contract commitments.

As well as undertaking restoration projects Gary has developed a unique coating product alongside industrial chemists and experts in masonry to enable a final breathable coat to be made to any stone surface that does not detract from natural look and helps to protect the surface from weathering and pollution attack for many years.

Drystone walling a long established feature of the countryside can be constructed from scratch or we can restore and rebuild walls that have collapsed or in poor state of repair.We can also do drystone archways.

See the Gallery Page (Other Stonework) for many examples of the work which we can undertake.