Costs of Gravestones

The exact cost of a gravestone will vary according to the size, material, colour, finish, lettering and design. A Desk top Vases can be purchased from £600, a Flat Cremation tablet from £400 amd a headstone from £1400. Granite is the most widely available material, making it the cheapest in comparison to bronze and other stones. However, some colours are only quarried in small amounts, which can make them more expensive. Delivery and installation is included in the price that we quote you.

Extra delivery charges may be added to the if an order falls short of a certain price or is outside of a proposed radius but we will always discuss this with you first. Although all gravestones are unique and made especially for you, specific bespoke services can also vary in price. For example, if you’d like a sculpture, additional colouring, mixed finishes or ceramic images, then this will cost extra – but all can be explained when we meet.

Burial Ground Fees

Burial ground fees can also significantly vary depending on the churchyard and cemetery. These fees will cover the cost of excavation, matting and cemetery staff attendance. Additional burial fees may be required if you want the grave to be in a specific place. For example, if you’d like the grave to be in an area that’s currently overgrown, the cemetery may have to hire a professional to remove the shrubbery. Burial ground fees can also change depending on the size of the grave, age of the deceased, and whether or not you are a local resident. Expect to pay anything between £100 and £1000 to cover these costs. We will normally arrange for the payment of fees on your behalf but it must be noted that they are not included in the cost of the gravestone.